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About Big Valley Bulldogges

I grew up with English Bulldogges. I lost my last one, Fred, when I was 17 and he 13. 

He slept on my bed every night! He was my best friend and a huge part of our family! 

For these reasons, I  wanted one for my sons. We went to dog shows to see what was


The AKC English Bulldog commonly seen today is a sad product of breeding for a 

specific look, without taking into consideration the health of the dog.

There is definitely something appallingly wrong with a breed that, can no longer conceive 

without artificial insemination and no longer  give birth without cesarean section delivery. 

It was depressing to see the breed, that my best friend came from, had degenerated into a 

sickly half-pint dog that I no longer recognized.

We stumbled on the Olde English Bulldogge more from accidental encounter than by plan. 

Purchased our first dog, "Bastian"(West Coast Bulldogges),He was a great addition to our 

family.  And we have been hooked ever since!