Home of the Best Olde Bulldogges

Breeding goals and Standard

The perfect Olde English Bulldogge should be of medium height to large size with a massive head and a very stout, muscular body. The disposition should be outgoing, loyal and courageous.

The temperament is to be very stable and trustworthy. Most importantly, the Olde English Bulldogge is a healthy dog with out many of the problems affecting the Modern English Bulldogs. Males should be free breeders and females should be free whelpers. The Olde English Bulldogge should have no breathing problems.

1.   Athleticism: This means easy free movement. The ability to run and jump is a dog's heritage and our bulldogges do it with ease.

1.   Temperament: Friendly, but a fearless adversary to anyone who threatens his master or property. Unfriendliness to strangers isn't a defect, although it's unusual.

2.   Head: Large in proportion to body and square. Deeply sunken between eyes, extending up forehead. Moderately wrinkled. Jaw muscles large. Lower jaw turned up and protruding. Bite squared, but undershot. Large tusks. Eyes low and wide set. Forehead flat. Muzzled short and broad. Flews semi-pendulous. Ears may be either rose or button and should be set high and wide. Dewlap will have two folds.

Nose: Wide and broad. The nose should not be pushed up between the eyes. From the stop to the end of the nose must be at least an inch.

5.   Body Thick Bones and Heavy Muscles: Our Oldes will be impressive, but not at the expense of their athleticism. Our dogs will be 75 -110 pounds, depending on the breeding parents.

    • Neck: Short and very muscular.
    • Chest: Ribs should be well sprung (rounded) and the chest wide and deep.
    • Back : Short with a slight rise from the shoulders to the rump (level back is acceptable)
    • Legs: Forelegs should be stout and wide apart, neither bowing out nor turning in.
    • Feet: Round and the pasterns should be strong.
    • Height: Males - 17 to 23 inches at the shoulder. Females - 15 to 21 inches at the shoulder.

6.   Instinct: A naturally protective, brave, loyal, faithful, tough and a great natural drive. He would without question, give his life to protect his family, and I know of dogs that have, one of which was brother to my Fred! He was killed in a fire. He was already out, but his buddy wasn't. He went back for him and they were found together. A sad story, I know! Nevertheless, this is a testament to the breed!

7.   Intelligence: Some dogs are smarter than other dogs. A big, powerful, dumb dog is not as fun to own as big powerful smart dog. They are not predictable, just like dumb people they make dumb decisions. Our dogs are bred for intelligence.

8.   Coat: Short, close and medium fine.

9.   Color Brindle of red, Grey or black. Brindle spots on white. Solid white. Fawn, red or black, solid or with white. Pink noses and pink skin around eyes are undesirable, but not a disqualification.

Health: Dogs that have great natural health are considered to be good breeding stock if all else is good. Dogs are to be free breathers, free breeders, and free whelpers.